Yoona and taeyeon dating

Yoon A uses 3 type of perfumes but she prefers to use oil Issey. When Yoon A angry, he'll say "Im Angry" thousands of times. Yoon A called dishwasher SNSD Because he who frequent washing dishes. Yoon A has two personalities, namely men and women. Most Yoon A fans in Korea are mothers and old people.86. Yoon A particularly liked the mint chocolate ice cream. People think Yoon A has a facial expression that "awesome". This year, Yoon A was chosen as the artist with the most beautiful smile in Korea. In the group SNSD, Yoon A who often exhibit their natural side93. Grandma - grandma and grandpa - grandfather also liked Yoon A. Yoona never vacationed with the fans because of the contest Inisfree (CF Yang wearing Yoon A as its icon). Yoona already 2 times won the Best New Actress (45th Baeksang Arts Awards and KBS Drama Awards51.

Yoon A never the same dikerjain equipped Taeyeon & Hyoyeon with bitter chocolate. Ever-creeping nakut Yoona Jessica with cucumber while Yoon A know that Jessica hates cucumbers16. Leeteut directly to the seat and nutupin ears Yoona Yoona Yoona so as not to hear the words of Brian, understand it, Leetuk like Yoon A37. When Yoona follow Happy Share challenges, Kang In providing input for Yoona. Yoon A frankly worried Japanese problem, and he will learn Japanese better. Japanese words Yoon A favorite is "Doki Doki" ("Deg-deg" if an Indonesian language) and "Arigatou gozaimasu" (Thank You)46.

I love your acting since before I became a fan of you so I really appreciate your skill in acting and I can feel the sincerity. It was a role perfectly casted for Yoona and Lee Beom Soo too. There are K drama where the male and female lead just don't gel inspite of acting their best. commenting about something u know nothing about it..just funny how u get jealous and say these funny things! Many people just give a try for 1st episode but finally they watch it until latest episode. every day I always read the article and watch a video about Yoona though I was busy with work. I prefer KPOP rather than the others because the songs and videos are not about sex, naked man and women which I really don't get (what does it have to doe with music..

You are still young and I know you are really eager in your career, you are still in the process of learning and improving in your acting skill so I hope you can face any kind of boundries in brightful, brilliant and positive way and never give up no matter what happen. You're the prettiest, the best singer, dancer, and actress for me! Especially where it is so obvious the male lead look so young barely out of his teens (which hardly fits the maturity of the character he is playing) and the female lead looks older than him when seen together. perfect couple yoona& lee seung gi,,can you imagine how cute yoona and Lee Seung gi's kids will be if they get married..i heard it that both of them didn't have plastic saying.anyway, PM&I is soo daebak, i enjoy watchg evr epsd..yoona,best luck @waitwhat does a drama have to end to get an award?! Just give a try :) I have seen many dramas and I have thought, maybe Yoon A would be good in that role. I mean really are they selling their music or their body.) I liked how clean and innocent kpop is and same goes to the drama. No wonder she got an award for her role on that show because she really did a great job.

Deer Yoona has a nickname because his behavior is very active.3. Before debut, SM never really told Yoona asked, "Please behave like women"12. Yoona and Hyoyeon been racing bikes in the street in Apgujung. Posts mandarin Yoona was in high school when I was sold on the web for $ 1.0034. Dong Woon, Hyun Seung and Jun Hyung B2ST faforit chose Yoona as the girl in SNSD.

Yoon A is one of the most ignorant and meddlesome members in SNSD.11. Yoon A never scold Because Suju members have made Seo Hyun cry 32. Yoona likes to play Go-Stop (Korean Version Poker) while still in elementary school. When I was a trainee first Yoona had a crush on Yoochun of TVXQ.58. Daum in the fan club, he has the most members in SNSD.64.

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