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"Lol y'all are crazy," he wrote, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

this Tumblr, he is an "It hot boy" and a "a model with French, Vietnamese and Senegalese background." His androgynous beauty is what Andrej Pejić's androgynous beauty is to actual women. It's a very detail-focused shot that doesn't seem like something platonic friends would just snap.

wrote: I originally wrote a message for information abour the possible differences between the Kaiser Supersonic and the Willys L-226.I have an exploded pictorial of the engine assembly, I scan it and send it to you if you like.BTW, the '54 Kaiser Manhattan had an optional Mc Cullough supercharger developing a whopping [email protected] rpm. I would keep that engine you have if for nothing more then maintaining your Grandfather's legacy and with a little patience and research, you should be able to find the correct parts for it. wrote: Looking at a 55 Willys pickup, and since I already own a 53 Kaiser Manhatten, I contacted the Kaiser Fraser Owners Club International (KFOCI) --seems that the 226 flatheads have many similarities, Super Sonic almost= Super Hurricane. They have a NAPA parts list for some surprisingly cheap parts readily available for K-F-Willys cars if you know the right part number to ask for--after all, K-F-W bought a lot of parts from other suppliers rather than produce them themselves.Kaiser engines didn't interchange from '51 to '54 so I believe these to be different then the '50.Also, rebuild kit numbers are different between the Willys 6 and Kaiser-Frazer 6's.Prices are pretty much the same so support the hobby guys if you can. You'll have to be patient with us as we're all here to learn as well. It appears you have a transplant form a 1950 Frazer car (of Kaiser-Frazer) as those engine serial numbers started in '50 at F-M1001 ("K" prefix for Kaiser, "F" for Fraser).These numbers should have been located on a pad on the left front corner of engine block and on a plate on left side of the block.You can look in at: down on the left gets you KFW Chat, also KFOCI has some interesting links LAPPING VALVES Richard Grover wrote: I readily admit, I'm no master mechanic.I didn't take auto shop in high school, and while other guys were fixing up their 57 Chevy's, I was singing in the choir, taking advanced math, and in general being a nerd (except lettering in track).With some research, you might find that they fit the Jeeps too.The KFOCI site would be useful for Willys owners as lots of people are interested in both--and yes, some people have swapped the L-226 SS/SH engines both ways it seems.

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