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I have built my name as an event organiser in Mombasa. They are huge on speculation, accusations and rumours instead of working.

The fact that a beautiful and amazing lady with no background in media can manage to host a show that is beamed across the region will always be a talking point for them.

Bernie Daily responded: If your engine is a flathead six with the distributor sticking right up through the head, it is the Continental 6, the L-226, same as the Kaiser.

If you can find a copy of "The Last Onslaught On Detroit" it has a great history of that engine. NAPA also has them, as well as most fork truck dealers.

These artistes release one song and then pretend like they own showbiz.

They call me The Iron Lady; in Mombasa because I tell it like it is.

Frank Ocean is fueling rumors that he is romantically involved with high-fashion model, Willy Cartier, after posting a snapshot of himself and Cartier embracing on his Instagram page.

Admittedly this photo, captioned "archives," does not look like a candid PDA shot of the pair.

Since Frank Ocean has done a dude in the past, and Cartier sure looks like he would, naturally people suspect that they are dating. But one of the pictures that Frank took and posted on his Instagram is of Willy's arms and delicate hands.

And the shot of Frank gazing lovingly at Willy at the GQ party looks like puppy love. Frank recently posted some Instagram pictures of the two hanging out together doing some meditation.

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