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If you’re wondering whether or not Pavelka has gotten himself into a relationship since his break up with Vienna Girardi, then the answer isー not quite.Shortly after the two went their separate ways, the pilot dated a wedding planner named Meghan Jones, whom he had met through mutual friends.Pavelka appeared on the tenth season of this series, alongside professional dancer Chelsie Hightower as his partner; however they were later eliminated during the fifth week.The following year, Pavelta once again starred in another reality show called was a little different in that the contestants stayed together at a mansion for the duration of the show, in order to participate in various challenges in order to prevent elimination.

After graduating from high school, Pavelka took the first steps in pursuing his dream of becoming a commercial airplane pilot by studying aerospace engineering at the University of Texas; he would later attend the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University located in Daytona Beach, Florida.In 2010, the pilot starred as the bachelor on the fourteenth season of the show; as per the series’ traditions, Pavelka courted a total of 25 possible love interests.Every week, a handful of contestants would be sent home after a ritualistic rose ceremonyーan event in which only those given roses by Pavelka are expected to stay in the competition; those without roses would be required to leave the show.Shortly after the end of Having first premiered on television in 2005, each season of the show featured a number of celebrity contestants, each paired with a professional dancer; they would then perform various dances in front of a judge panel which would in turn, give them a score.Every week, the dance pair with the lowest combined score from the audience votes and judges’ points are eliminated; this continues a winner is selected at the end.Other realities series which the former bachelor has appeared in include .Having popped in right at the start of the episode’s rose ceremony, Pavelka startled both Jo Jo Fletcher, the bachelorette and the rest of the contestants on the showー many of them having believed at the time that the former suitor was coming back on the series to compete against them.However in actuality, they had nothing to worry about as Pavelka only appeared on the show to offer his friend, Jo Jo some advice about picking her future husband.That’s rightーthe two of them are close friends (Remember how he went to the same high school as her brothers? However despite Pavelka’s rather innocent intentions, his surprise appearance on the season premiere was not taken positively by all viewers of the show.With each passing week, a female candidate is eliminated via an elimination process in which the bachelor offers a flower to those whom he’d like to continue on with the competition and the opposite for those whom he feels should leave the show.By the end of the season, the bachelor is then expected to select a candidate him he would later propose to during the finale. Born on January 27, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, Jacob (aka “Jake”) Lynn Pavelka is the son of Sallie Lanell and James Lynn Pavelka.

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