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I’m the last child in a family of 4 girls and 2 boys.

I grew up in Ughelli and Sapele (Delta state) and moved to Lagos in 2005.

Apart from the money and fame what else have you gained from the Big Brother experience? It’s surprising how people accepted the show so quickly and we are entirely grateful for that. I can’t imagine the next thing God is going to use to shock and inspire people concerning me.

Knowledge- especially about stereotypes and typical human behaviour. Faith is the strongest weapon ever and anyone that knows how to use it will surely excel. Apart from that, I have been offered movie roles and I still anchor shows. Is music a big thing for you, something you would like to parley into a career? I am so grateful for all He has done for me and I’ll always put HIM first!

Saeon likes her privacy just like me too’ Though, Saeon has not denied or confirmed the story She only said ‘It is out there already, I don’t want to confirm or deny anything. I’m releasing a song which features Wizkid tomorrow and that’s my only concern for now,’However, a source said they are not dating : ‘Uti is not dating Saeon, he is just trying to show off so people will stop tagging him as gay.

It is a perfect match with Saeon, because she on the other hand is trying to promote her music.

Beverly Naya with Uti Nwachukwu Following the senseless rumours that BBA All-Stars winner and co-host of TV show Jara, Uti Nwachukwu was having a gay relationship with his close pal, Alex Ekubo, busybodies are now insinuating that Uti may not be gay after all.

According to reports, the handsome model is presumed to be in a secret relationship with actress Beverly Naya.

After getting evicted, in that edition, the 28 year old was called back by the show producers to be part of the 2010 edition which was tagged ‘All Stars’ .

I was so scared and unsure but made sure I kept a positive mind. I also graduated at the top of my class with a 3.9 GPA. The (show) producers gave me an option to leave when it was time for the funeral and to come back afterwards if I wanted to. We had a monitored conversation and all agreed on this. There was a bad case of flooding (back home) so the funeral was pushed forward to November which fell after the show. I broke down so many times but I prayed each time and managed to pull through. Was it part of the game or did you simply hate her guts? I do not judge people and most definitely do not hang around people that judge others so no one is going to chastise her because of her background. It is an entertainment news show focused on Nollywood.

Was it a tough decision you made remaining in the show despite the news of your father’s death? It’s what is inside that counts and she is a wonderful human being. And that goes for any other person I’ve known and come to respect. My co-host Helen Paul makes the job really fun and easy. People have moved on from calling me Uti BBA to Uti JARA!! What more should we be expecting from you in the nearest future? This is just the beginning of great things to come. Just when it seems like God is through with me, he shocks and inspires everyone once again with my life.

I was just a student with huge dreams of making a mark in the entertainment industry. I had never seen such a platform where you could be exposed and air your views. The good thing is that we are now great friends and she treats me really well anytime I am in Ghana. She is a strong woman and I admire her drive and courage. (Pauses) You all know by now that is the last thing I’m going to talk about to the press.(Laughs) Let’s leave it at: we are very close friends, we keep in touch constantly and support each other.

I was into modelling and I featured in a few (TV) series. I remember sitting at home one day with my sisters watching the daily high lights of Big Brother South Africa. I decided that if this ever came to Nigeria I would want to be part of it. It was part of the game, adding more fun and drama to it. Are you still in close contact with anyone from either of the editions? Ricco, Mimi, Lucille, Lerato, Liz, Meryl, Mwisho, Jen, Kaone, Kweku T, etc! Has your relationship been met with any opposition from friends and family based on her sexuality (she has claimed to be bisexual)?

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