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Carbon dating performed on the shaman's bones gave an age of around 18000 BCE.

SCP-107 proved resistant to all attempts to obtain a sample, and therefore no concrete origin date can be determined.

Non-grass plants grew larger, stronger pitcher traps capable of digesting small rodents.

Input: 10 ml human blood, extracted from a Class-D test subject Result: A substance proven afterwards to be human blood with the same genetic makeup as the donating subject fell on the test site for 27 minutes.

Item #: SCP-107 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-107 poses no immediate threat, so long as it does not come into contact with any liquid.

As such, it is stored at Site-19 in a five (5) metre square containment cell, on a one (1) metre high pedestal, inside a clear perspex container.

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Anyone who attempts to activate SCP-107 outside of an approved experiment must be eliminated with any force necessary.10 ml of water resulted in just under half an hour of light drizzle, whereas filling to around the three-quarter mark set off two days of torrential rain.Precipitation generated by SCP-107 has varying effects on plant matter, although these effects are only seen in plants grown within the effect zone – watering other plants with collected liquid causes no abnormal reaction (see experimental log, Addendum 107-2).Grass at the test site appeared to die on contact with the blood, and began rotting within minutes.Any non-grass plants planted in the resulting soil began to mutate and grow large ().Access to and removal of the object requires the authorization of two (2) Level 4 personnel, and the approval by said personnel of a full experimental procedure.Should SCP-107 become active while within Site-19, two Class-D personnel are to remove it from the site via one of the item transport trucks in Loading Bay-02.Grass at the test site began to die, any other plant species moved to the test site began to grow stunted passive 'pitcher' insect traps incapable of actually digesting insect matter.Subsequent Input: 20 ml human urine Result: Urine rained on the test site for 3 hours 42 minutes with slightly greater intensity.Where the liquid drains to is unknown, given the lack of visible pores on the inside of the shell.Once active, the red edge of the shell glows dimly, and the substance placed into the shell begins to precipitate in the atmosphere and fall as 'rain' in the area at least 0.5 m, but less than 10 km, from the object.

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