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Further procedure: A sample of the rain was collected, and used to water various other plants outside of the test site. Input: 55 ml standard tap water Result: Torrential rainfall over test site for two days, and an effect on the grass similar to that of the first test.Fruit-bearing plants grown in the soil at the test site grew very quickly, and bore much larger fruit than control plants.This phenomenon is mobile: moving SCP-107 will move the area of effect, along with the 'exclusion zone'.

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The item is completely inert until the inside of the turtle shell comes into contact with a liquid; when it does so, said liquid appears to be absorbed very quickly.Non-grass plants grew larger, stronger pitcher traps capable of digesting small rodents.Input: 10 ml human blood, extracted from a Class-D test subject Result: A substance proven afterwards to be human blood with the same genetic makeup as the donating subject fell on the test site for 27 minutes.Input: 20 steel ball bearings of radius 2 mm Result: No effect observed.Input: 10 ml human urine Result: Urine rained on the test site for 27 minutes with moderate intensity.Tests on the water showed that it had no unusual properties.For at least two weeks after the test, grass at the test site was seen to grow at a much increased rate, and the resulting plants were a richer green in colour than those unaffected by the rain.Addendum 107-1: SCP-107 was discovered by an archaeologist, Prof.M███████ ████████████, in what is now Ethiopia, buried alongside what appeared to be a tribal shaman.Description: SCP-107 resembles the top section of a hollow turtle shell.The shell is composed of a hardened biological material of unknown origin.

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