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When Tom Hardy played Heathcliff to Charlotte Riley’s Cathy in ITV's adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 2009, their passion continued off screen and the pair were soon engaged.Sadly, the actors’ love story seems to have come to no more of a happy ending than that of Emily Brontë’s characters. TH: I hate to be pat, but that's such a can of worms.... You got engaged in 2010 but haven't set a date yet. I remember getting caught up in the sentimentality of it. TH: If you did that, I would so never speak to you again. He was previously married to Sarah Ward, a producer, but the couple divorced in 2004 after five years of marriage when his drink and drugs problem spiralled out of control. as a Prohibition-era bootlegger trying to slip Jessica Chastain out of her corset and lace. It was also a way of delaying leaving home and growing up.

But Hardy's now been clean for almost a decade, and sobriety suits him well. TH: Women are so clever, I wouldn't know it if one had.

At the time that he entered his rehab Tom Hardy girlfriend was still with him and this was hard time for her also. It seems that Tom has had interesting experience in his life, because from his interviews it can be assumed that instead of Tom Hardy girlfriend there were times when he had boyfriend.

Tom has stated in 2010 that he has tried everything and that he is done experimenting and is not into men sexually.

I'm hugely narcissistic, but I dress like a homeless person. And for political reasons, I have to say Anne Hathaway.

ELLE: One of my first crushes was Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. TH: You can't tempt me to answer a question about Catwoman with my missus in the car.

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