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Lo feels like this conversation just goes around in circles and it's time for Lauren to find a nice boy outside of her group of friends.At Teen Vogue, Whitney and Lauren are saying their goodbyes on Whitney's last day.She reveals that she told Spencer to move out of their apartment.When Kimberly asks how Heidi will handle Spencer seeing other girls, Heidi says she doesn't want him dating, since they're not actually broken up.She says they just need some space so they can figure out what to do next.But Kimberly warns Heidi that she and Spencer may not see eye-to-eye when it comes to dating other people.And, sure enough, Spencer has his own ideas about the relationship.He tells his sister, Stephanie, that he's totally ticked about getting kicked out and considering dating other girls.

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At Les Deux, Lauren is having a great time checking out all the cute guys -- until Brody walks in.

When Lauren shrugs him off, he starts yelling about her "boyfriend from Paris" and storms out.

Lauren is left with a lot to think about, especially when Frankie tells her that she's overreacting.

While Lauren and Brody's friendship teeters on the brink, Heidi and Spencer's relationship is quickly plummeting.

As Spencer packs up his things while Heidi watches, the tension between them is thicker than ever.

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