What does pity dating mean

I don't always feel like I'm good enough for him, but I don't always feel like I'm out of his league.

I can't attend any family get-together without people asking me why I'm not dating.

People often ask me why I'm single, or how it can be possible. I have a lot of things that take me out of town often. Another reason I don't date is because I simply don't care to. Those who have known me since high school know that it's not abnormal behavior. But there are plenty of other reasons why people don't date, and some of them are pretty dark. You're awesome, amazing and cool.”Yes, I'm aware I'm all these things.

Abusive past relationships and sexual assault can make people distrustful or simply uninterested in dating around. But this is not the reason why I haven't been swept off my feet by Prince Charming.

Not sure if you are living in a state of self-pity? When you can be honest, you can become aware of how self-pity can really drag you down in life, and you will be more likely to try and overcome it. It’s like a drug, and soon you barely even notice that you are playing the game of self-pity.

In fact, it may make you feel good about yourself at times, especially when it allows you to get attention as well as sympathy from yourself and from other people. You Struggle With Everything If you living in a state of self-pity, you will struggle with health, relationships, and finances.

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