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The user has the right to order all the goods displayed on Products with claims are sent to: Sofia, 1830 Buhovo, 104 Mina Str.

In cases when the received by the user product is not the same in size as the ordered product, the user has the right to send back the item for exchange with the same but in another size, as the expenses for the sending back and the second delivery are covered by Mattresses Paradise.

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Mattresses Paradise is not responsible for spelling and typing errors.Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18. The first Bengali-language movie was the silent feature Billwamangal, produced by the Madan Theatre Company of Calcutta and released on 8 November 1919, only six years after the first full-length Indian feature film, Raja Harish Chandra, was released. Create your FREE account now, All you need is a valid email address.It's important to us that all users are over the age of 18.18/2011) Where the consumer goods are not in conformity with the contract of sale, the seller shall be obligated to bring the said goods in conformity with the contract of sale.18/2011) Consumer goods shall be brought into conformity with the contract of sale within one month after the date on which the complaint was addressed by the value that the consumer goods would have if there were no lack of conformity; 2.In cases of obvious flows claims can be made within 30 days after the purchase of the goods and when there are hidden flows – at finding them, but not later than the guaranty period.By creating a profile or sending an order the user declares that he/ she is an adult over 18 years old.Every order, made by the user and confirmed by Mattresses Paradise, is a separate contract.Persons under 18 years old have not the right to send statements and conclude contracts under the present General conditions.

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