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The big players in these sorts of public hearings follow a predictable plan: they hold their filings until the final day for submissions, apparently out of a desire not to tip their hand to opponents and give them a chance to directly address their arguments.

The strategy appears to be in play in the DRM proceeding, with only a fistful of corporate or think thank names appearing among the 700 current submissions.

TPB is referring to the event as a "spectrial," a cross between a spectacle and a trial.The flaw in the evidence was pointed out by Fredrik Neij (Ti AMO), who requested to comment on Roswall’s explanation of how Bit Torrent actually works.Fredrik said that the prosecution misunderstood the technology, and told the court that the evidence doesn’t show that the Pirate Bay’s trackers are used.The upside of this behavior is that it makes it simple to browse the comments and get a sense of what those without political clout think of the issue.And, when it comes to DRM, they don't have much good to say—our troll through 30 or 40 comments turned up only a couple that supported DRM.The inputs of your sound card are severely degraded in software if the card is also playing an audio program (tested here with Grooveshark). Being in bed with the RIAA is bad enough, but locking your own files away from you is a tactic so outrageous it may kill the OS for many persons.Many users will not want to experiment with a second sound card or computer just to record from online sources, or boot up under a Linux that supports ntfs-3g just to control their files.During the morning session it was mostly prosecutor Hkan Roswall talking.Among other things he explained in detail how email works (made no mistakes there).Several details on the hardware that was taken during the raid in 2006 were discussed, as well as invoices and email conversations about server costs.After the lunch break, around pm the court decided to end the day early.

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