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Companies can actively collect data or feedback from different channels to identify recurring issues and create their How-To content to build credibility and improve brand trust.Here is a good example of Square Youtube’s channel. Backing the power of the crowd: Crowdsourcing as a model of problem-solving as part of a customer service strategy.For the first time, web self-service has become a preferred channel for customers to get questions answered.It comes as no surprise if we think that millennials have grown with technology at their fingertip, and they would rather use technology and skip the customer service agent to self-resolve their queries.Open the community to free and honest reviews and feedback, positive and negatives. A different approach to building your community it’s what Banks and other companies are doing in Ireland’s largest online community a famous open community that reaches approximately 20% of the total Irish internet audience users.New consumer habits require a new mindset from organizations, especially in financial services.Fin Tech startups are born as customer-centric organizations and have a significant advantage over the archaic models of the big institutions that have maintained the old “one size fits all” customer service mindset for decades. Build a self-service FAQ for the DIY customers: In my first point, I talked about how important it is to keep the human touch, but this point is about allowing your customers to self-resolve their issues with no human interaction.

In addition to the Smart Nation vision, Singapore is also pursuing customer service excellence for the last few years, and not with the best results yet.

To give an example, one of the consequences of bad customer service it’s what Accenture call the “switching economy” that cost Singapore firms USb in revenue in 2014.

Another consequence is the manifested dissatisfaction among consumer that have stopped giving feedback, as we can see in the IPSOS infographic below: Consumers in Singapore are demanding excellent customer service at the same time that they are changing their spending behaviours by increasing online and mobile payments, and moving towards a cashless society.

Companies can leverage the power of their customers by creating an open community where customers participate writing reviews, sharing knowledge to help fellow customers resolve queries or ideas that can lead you to innovation.

The community needs to be monitored by a customer service team to assure that users are creating value to others.

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  1. Can you do an update in connection with this firmware, please? for me it's hard to hear the alarm and wake up in the morning! Searching with Google I found that thru the Engineer settings it's possible to change the audio gain, so I tried but without any significant result... Hello everyone, I recently bought a E39 Triple-SIM and thought it would be a good thing to root it.