Validating point of cause

Specifically, Workflow Definition and Activity Information Configuration objects require the version number to refer precisely to workflow activities in the production environment.

Failing to replace the version number results in the Compare-FIMConfig cmdlet identifying differences between the XOML attributes on Workflow Definitions and migrating the pilot’s version number.

If the request resource cannot be found, an error was likely encountered during the process of creating the request. The default timeout configuration for operations submitted to the FIM Service is 58 seconds, so if you notice that the request is taking longer than 58 seconds to process, the problem is likely due to a timeout.

Alternatively, you can use the MPR Explorer feature in the FIM Portal to verify that a permission-granting MPR exists for that user’s request.

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To verify that the request does indeed have running workflows, perform the following steps in the FIM Portal: If no running authorization or Action workflows were found by using steps 1–3 listed previously, and the request has no active Collateral Requests, you need to cancel and resubmit the request.

Extending these timeout settings may be needed for some large operations such as the creation, modification, or deletion of a large set or group. To avoid a timeout in the FIM Portal, the timeout In Milliseconds setting in the resource Management Client section of the Microsoft. The Microsoft Identity Integration Server (IIS) World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) must be restarted for the FIM Portal configuration setting changes to take effect.

The timeout settings can be modified in the Microsoft. You can verify if the requested operation timed out by analyzing the FIM Application Log in the Event Viewer and searching for an error event around the same time of the failed request.

If any of the workflow instances are returned, to understand why the workflow instance was terminated, refer to Scenario: A workflow instance was terminated.

If no workflows are returned, refer to Case 2: A Collateral Request failed.

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