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This way you can ensure that these critical services are running and available through the full upgrade process, and their downtime is reduced.

Although Debian tries to ensure that your system stays bootable at all times, there is always a chance that you may experience problems rebooting your system after the upgrade.

not officially supported software) and Multiverse (software that is "not free").

The standard Ubuntu installation is a subset of software available from the main and restricted components.

Below there are two methods for finding such packages by using either Direct upgrades from Debian releases older than 8 (jessie) are not supported.

Please follow the instructions in the Release Notes for Debian 8 to upgrade to 8 first.

If that fails, you will need an alternative way to boot your system so you can access and repair it.

One option is to use a special rescue image or a Linux live CD.

As a precaution, you may want to make a backup of the hidden files and directories () in users' home directories.During this time, these services will not be available.The precise downtime for these services will vary depending on the number of packages being upgraded in the system, and it also includes the time the system administrator spends answering any configuration questions from package upgrades.Regardless of the method used for upgrading, it is recommended that you check the status of all packages first, and verify that all packages are in an upgradable state.The following command will show any packages which have a status of Half-Installed or Failed-Config, and those with any error status.Please note that this release is out of date, and you should update your installation.Nevertheless, we still provide access to those repositories at our download servers. Please note that this release is out of date, and you should update your installation.After booting from that, you should be able to mount your root file system and in the initrds it generates.If for example the initrd is unable to mount your root file system, you will be dropped into this debug shell which has basic commands available to help trace the problem and possibly fix it.Also, if the system is rebooted accidentally in the middle of an upgrade there is a chance you will need to recover using a local console.For emergency recovery we generally recommend using the of the stretch Debian Installer.

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