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For example, the Inbox is stored in the file Inbox.dbx, Sent Items are stored in a file named Sent Items.dbx, and each newsgroup is stored in its own file.The newsgroup microsoft.public.win98.internet.outlookexpress, for example, would be stored in microsoft.public.win98.internet.In addition to these message- and newsgroup-specific files, you'll also find other files that Outlook Express uses to maintain your Outlook data store.

You won't save a lot of time using this method, but you’ll save the few added steps required to import the messages into Outlook.In fact, the main reason I switched was that Windows 2000 was locking up when more than one Office application was running.I never discovered the cause, but moving to XP eliminated it.Outlook Express just doesn't know where to find it.How you go about restoring the data depends on the version of Outlook Express running on the original platform.Although a lot of IT departments have made the move to Outlook, many end users still rely on the old standby that comes with Internet Explorer—Outlook Express.This venerable e-mail client has been around for a long time, and although some would argue that it suffers from some security problems, it's a good choice for many users.Outlook Express uses a different folder for each identity, with the store folder located within that identity folder.To complicate matters, each identity has a cryptic folder name.Outlook Express stores all of your data—e-mail messages, newsgroup messages, and so on—in a single file system folder called the store folder.The data isn't contained in a single file but in several files.

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