Updating light fixtures with spray paint

: Eventually I may get something else (I’ve had my eye on another light for a long time now) but for now the one that’s been laying around for years works GREAT.:) I won’t do anything until we get the furniture for this space anyway. I’m back with a project that I let sit around for nearly two years. I think the main reason I let it sit so long was the work that I knew would go into transforming it. :) But I wanted it to stand out more and I knew a darker color would make that happen.It’s been moved around the house – the garage for a while, then it’s future home (the dining room/library) for the past year or so. And the brass looked fine in some areas and horrible in others, so it needed to be covered.

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To paint, I hung my fixture from a bent hanger that I slipped through the top of the fixture….then secured that to some rope, which hung from the center or our ladder.Then I hung the light part in the garage and sprayed it the same way: Those white sleeves were brittle and falling apart so I just kept them on to protect the electrical stuff while I painted.By the way, I don’t always prime my metal light fixtures – it’s not something that’s going to get wear and tear.And when you’re sitting in front of the TV watching Flipping Out the whole time it’s really not too bad. I took it and the smaller pieces outside (YAY for spray paint weather!!:) About half way through I realized the inside would still be brass, but you pick your battles. ) and primed them with black primer, then sprayed them in oil rubbed bronze spray paint (I’ve tried them all and all look great). But now, they are both transformed……and they thanked me for not giving up on them! I used painter’s tape, so that it will peel off nicely and not leave sticky residue. But before getting rid of it/them……imagine adding a little paint. There were actually 2 of these little brass beauties in our entry. And if that’s the case……leave your fixtures happy and brassy. I found it really helpful to take pictures with my phone as I was taking nuts/bolts/rings off……so that I knew which order to put them back on. Be sure to cover every single little space that you don’t want painted. So, take your time, overlap your tape layers, and get those corners nice and precise. :) Now just think, even if painting them doesn’t work out and you still hate them……you’re only out less than ( First of all……take your chandelier/fixture apart. Chances are………the fixture has never been cleaned before, especially if it was way up high like mine was. I started on the inside and taped the outside last.(Read more about that here.) Our old kitchen table still sits in here, only because we haven’t made the new furniture a priority. ) Anyway, the old light was too detailed for this space and I wanted something a bit simpler.I think the darker paint makes this light look a million times better!

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