Updating financial aid

The COA is the total anticipated amount it will cost to go to school for a year.

Costs include tuition and fees, housing, allowances for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses.

Any changes made to original FAFSA answers may result in a change in financial aid award amounts.

If your financial aid record is selected for verification, any changes made during the verification process may also change financial aid award amounts.

Enrollment in fewer than 12 credits may result in a prorated portion of financial aid.COA - EFC = Financial Need Federal grants and other financial aid is used to meet financial need.A financial aid award letter is generated after all documents are received and funds have been awarded.The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ensures that you can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school if you meet eligibility requirements. The FASFA helps determine your eligibility for federal student aid programs along with state financial aid programs that may be available, including Pell Grants and work-study programs. If you are ready to begin your application, visit gov. Department of Education, federal student aid plays a central and essential role in supporting postsecondary education by providing money for qualified college students. Some aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application as soon as possible.The type of documents required varies from student to student, and not all students selected for FAFSA verification have to submit the same documents.Once you have all the documentation requested, submit them to your university counselor or student services counselor.What happens if there are discrepancies in the application?After you turn in all required documents, the information is compared to your Student Aid Report. If the errors are significant enough to change your awards, you are notified of the changes through an updated award letter which can be found on your Student Portal.If you have received any Title IV aid from a prior school, or if you are currently receiving Title IV aid at another institution while attending GCU, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid through your assigned enrollment counselor or student services advisor.This other source of funding may affect your eligibility to receive maximum Title IV aid with GCU.

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