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However, we do appreciate the current benefits for existing users are modest.Will FSX: Steam Edition have Steam Workshop support? FSX: Steam Edition will work on Direct X 10 and 11 although it remains primarily Direct X 9.Our aim in this first instance has been to ensure that the software will run for as many people as possible rather than radically improving or updating it.Will there be new content with the initial release?However, we have updated it to include all standard Steam functionality, we’ve removed CD checking and combined the components of Gold Edition into a single installation.The major change we’ve made is in replacing the now-defunct Game Spy multiplayer systems with Steam features, enabling multiplayer to work seamlessly once again.During testing we have ensured that FSX: Steam Edition runs on 64-bit operating systems, however the software remains 32-bit only.

We will attend you by phone in Spanish, English and French.

After that point you may go offline and continue your session without interruption.

We recognise that many simulation fans prefer to be disconnected while they play and as such we are working towards making FSX: Steam Edition playable while operating Steam in offline mode.

Since Steam is a digital platform will FSX: Steam Edition require a persistent internet connection?

At present FSX: Steam Edition will require a digital “handshake” with Steam at the start of a session.

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