Updating avg antivirus database

We also played with multiple hardware configurations to test its ability to work in different conditions: from a single core 1GHz processor to an Intel i7 dual-core processor, the latest version of Kaspersky antivirus worked remarkably well.

The list of features includes: A great file antivirus module able to scan in real time all the files opened, saved or run from the computer.

The illegal operations are automatically blocked if the module is activated and if this option is enabled. If you’re not sure how to set up this feature, use the default settings.

The result is interesting: if the file can’t be removed from a single step, a restart will be required, as you can see below.

Of course, because the file has been used only for testing purpose, I used the option which permits disinfection without computer restarting.

The visited sites are categorized into three main groups: Safe (green), Unknown (gray) or Infected (red).

I don’t know how this pre-analysis is made but most probable, Kaspersky has a massive database of sites, pre-visited by its users.

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