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For service to the community as a benefactor to a broad range of educational, health, social welfare, environmental, youth and cultural organisations, and to international humanitarian relief through the activities of Care Australia. For service to science as a researcher and academic in the area of physical chemistry, and to the community through support for the activities of the Ian Potter Foundation and Philanthropy Australia. For service to furthering Australian international interests and the development of trade links, particularly in negotiating a bilateral agreement with China for the supply of energy. For service to engineering, science, industry and the environment as an inventor, and through contributions in the fields of fluid and particle mechanics, mineral processing, water and wastewater treatment and particle technology.

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For service to the Tasmanian Parliament, to developing strategies for long-term social, economic and environmental benefit, and to support for a vibrant arts and cultural life in Tasmania. For service to the international community, during an unsafe and dangerous period in Uganda, through the provision of humanitarian aid and nursing care to improve the lives of the sick, poor and dispossessed, and to the Salvation Army.For service to the community through contributions to the establishment of higher education institutions and legal and judicial services in central Queensland. For service through the provision of high-level advice to government in relation to the development and implementation of taxation legislation and reform of Australia's taxation system.The Honourable Justice Murray Bryon KELLAM Melbourne.For service to community dental health through research and development of preventative and restorative products, to dental education through curriculum development, and as an administrator and teacher.His Excellency Mr David James RITCHIE Australian Embassy, Jakarta.Douglas Neville DAFT Williamstown, Massachusetts, US. For service to leadership in the global business community, commitment to corporate social responsibility, contributions in the field of education, and support for community-based development initiatives.The Honourable Dame Margaret Georgina GUILFOYLE DBE Kew, Victoria.For service to the law through a range of judicial and legal training roles in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, and to the community, particularly through support for the activities of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Thailand and for disadvantaged people in Melbourne. For service to the community through support for, and philanthropic contributions to, a broad range of arts, sporting and charitable organisations. For service to scholarship and learning through the study of history focused on Asia, particularly South Asia, East Africa and broader Commonwealth history. For service to educational administration through developing initiatives and collaborations between Australian and British tertiary institutions, and through raising awareness internationally of the quality and significance of Australian scientific research.Isador Alexander MAGID AM, deceased Late of Melbourne.For service to the arts and commitment to cultural development, particularly in the field of dance as founding director of the Australian Ballet School, and to encouraging young artists to achieve the highest standards in their careers.The Honourable Justice Marilyn Louise WARREN Melbourne.

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