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According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), there are 1,600 private non-profit colleges in the country, serving some 3.4 million students.Small private colleges and universities in the United States offer a commitment to high quality education as well as close personal faculty-student interaction.Even among the relatively low number of small private colleges in the country, there can be great diversity between degree programs.Some are known for their academic specialties, their historical place in American education, or for their faculties.If a school district is clearly not performing to the wishes of the parents and citizens it serves they should have options and the legislature shouldn’t be standing in the schoolhouse door making it harder for the kids to get out.The details: — No municipality that is happy with the status quo will attempt to leave a school system. It was the first city of its magnitude that I have ever lived in.

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I have been loved on, treated with respect and dignity and always felt comfortable. Let’s love people for the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

I chose to be authentic, transparent and willing to put myself “out there” and that opened my life to endless opportunities and possibilities.

The people of Alabama are God-fearing, loving, supportive, open and willing to embrace change.

When you go to eat at fine dining establishments in Atlanta, there may be two or three white couples in the room.

I probably could have put my foot down and made her move, but truthfully I was uncertain of this place, too. I knew they had a great college football team but that’s about it.

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  1. Can we all just agree that when it comes to meeting strangers on the internet the “I’m here to murder you! Regardless, Scott was undeterred by the man’s concerning weekend plans and soldiered on.