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When it comes to crossdressing, there is no question more controversial or that causes more confusion than whether crossdressing means you’re gay.

I get asked this question every day on IM, in chat rooms, and from callers.

Instead many sissies hide their clothes and keep their sexual preferences a deep dark secret.

A part of their sexuality that brings joy and pleasure becomes tainted with shame.

If you like to dress but are feeling rejected by your partner and confused by whether this means you’re gay, just know that a fetish, no matter how feminine it might seem, does not equate sexual orientation.

My upcoming posts will deal with the woman’s perspective on crossdressing, how to educate your partner and make her understand that you still desire to be with her, and ways to help her enjoy your crossdressing as much as you do! I always appreciate comments and would love it if you would share your thoughts on this post below.

Another source of worry is that if you enjoy going by a female name when you’re dressed like a woman, it means you’re gay.

Sometimes callers will ask me to look at their online photos so that I can determine if they’re gay or not. His eyebrows are professional waxed and arched and he has a manicure with coral polish and pedicure with lavender polish.Because their partner feels so strongly about this, often sissies feel more confused about their sexuality.They don’t gay, but their partner insists that they must be if they’re dressing like a woman.I haven’t found an exact percentage, but according to most of the research that I’ve read, of crossdressers aren’t gay!I have callers tell me that if their wife would just accept them and allow them to crossdress, they would never want to be with anybody else!What he really wanted to know is whether he was so feminized that he had to be gay.This particular caller is happily married and is lucky because his wife is not threatened by his crossdressing and enjoys feminizing him. As many of you know, the thrill of being called a sissy faggot, does not mean that you’re gay. Does using a woman’s name while you’re dressed turn you on? What does it mean if you like being called a sissy faggot and feminizing your body? I had done some local modeling and even was in FHM and Maxim but I never had though about porn ever!I ended up going to Mexico and taking some nude pictures on the beach.

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