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Name calling is a form of sissy humiliation, and can be extremely intoxicating and erotic.If you enjoy being called a while you’re dressed as a sissy it does not necessarily mean that you’re gay.

I work noon to midnight PST most days (that’s 3pm to 3am EST) but often squeeze in a bit more time in the mornings and evenings when there are special requests.

Crossdressing is a fetish not a sexual orientation Some crossdressers (or sissies, depending on what you prefer to be called) gay, meaning they want to have sex with men.

But many crossdressers just enjoy the pleasures of dressing like a woman and want nothing more than to have sex with their wife or girlfriend.

But if you’re someone who just likes to wear panties and gets excited by sissy behavior on a part-time basis, being called a female name doesn’t mean you’re gay.

Sadly I can’t tell you the number of callers I have who have revealed their hidden desire to dress like a woman to their wife/girlfriend only to be met with a very negative reaction.

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