Triathlon singles triathlon dating triathlon clubs

Their stories are about the journey of transforming from ordinary to extraordinary each and every day.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Shawna Block from the Building Block Blog.

In 2011, there was an opportunity to achieve a higher ranking so I could officiate college level games.

However, the tournament (opportunity) wasn’t until June, meaning I had 4 weeks before I would be on the field again.

I like to create before and after pictures so I can see the results. Therefore, I try really hard to not use my headphones during triathlon training season. *** If you or someone you know would be a great candidate for Friday FITspiration, email me at [email protected]

I often encourage others that have begun the journey to do it also.

I started to wonder if I could apply some of my triathlon training to other parts of life. ) And trial and error is a heartbreaking way to learn when emotions are involved. Ever since since the triathlon last August, I have applied 8 principles that I learned from my triathlon training to my dating life: Motivate. Don’t just keep doing the same thing for six months and then realize you’re headed for a dead-end. Don’t jump straight to the 1,000-meter swim or the hard stuff on the first date. You’ll be glad you didn’t strain that muscle later.

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I consider May 2011 to be my “runniversary.” I am a women’s lacrosse official and have been since 2007.

Oh, there have been so many dates that are just fun stories to tell! Another guy I went out with a few times got annoyed with me and asked me (with disdain): Will you eat this?

(It was a fried chicken dish when we had already shared a fried appetizer.) There was a guy I had a very nice first date with and then for a second date, he thought he’d just bring a bottle of wine to my place. Eventually I’ll be done with the toads and find my prince. My friend Stacey called me while I was tapering for the 2013 Charleston Marathon. She convinced me to sign up for the local Iron Girl Sprint in my area, even though at that point I didn’t own a bike and I could barely swim 50 meters. It’s diverse, divided up between swim, bike and run and recently strength. I would go out to eat and pick appetizer or dessert, not both.

When did you start running and what inspired you to start?

In 2008, I ran one 5K in May and one 4-mile race in June.

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