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While this is not a complete list of the great books that are out there we would love to hear any additional suggestions you might have.Please leave a comment below if you think there is a book we should add.If you are missing any of those three you are really going to struggle in the early stages with most women, especially older women.

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These are the books that have made the largest impacts on our success with older women.

Millions of people credit this book to greatly improving their professional and personal lives and it will likely have a similar impact on you.

Being able to create connections, relate to women, and carry an interesting conversation are crucial skills that have a huge impact on your success with women.

By Mark Manson It isn’t a secret that Models has a huge following among men interesting in improving their success with women.

If you spend some time talking to a large number of men who have made a conscious effort to improve this area of their lives there is a very good chance that many of them have read this book and almost all will speak highly of it.

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