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Ilan’s Israeli mother, an art director for the Long Island newspaper In high school, Ilan had a job at a seafood store and learned how to work with various types of fish.

That and a wanderer’s curiosity about food and the world.

And that competing in this full-contact cook-off requires repeating the phrase "flavor profiles" as often as possible.

That the 24-year-old Ilan Hall was able to turn those odd-couple ingredients into appetizing escargots with cheese sauce probably should have been a sign that he was destined to win the Top Chef title.

"On the first day of taping, when we were waiting to go on camera, Marcel said to me in his little ridiculous voice, ’Lights, camera, action, yeah? The tension lasted until the two were the only ones left for the manic finale in Hawaii.

Ilan did learn something from Marcel: "He showed me how to pit olives using a funnel.

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