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For the gay traveler, taking an entire vacation through the country is probably the best way to utilize those digital meet-up services.David G, on his You Tube vlog (see below) says that while on his tour through Mexico, he used Grindr because Scruff and Jack’d were unreliable."What was also enlightening to see was see how many people were on Grindr." he explains in the video, "As I was travelling to all these different cities, talking to all these different guys, It was really interesting for me because it didn’t really feel like I was anywhere different." Levinson, in her article, says that there is no lack of available international dates locally through Tijuana, but the work it takes to meet them can be exhausting. Also San Diego is just up I-5 and there's everything up there. ...much to spend a night or two at the hotels there? .....catch cab in the streets or do you have to go to a station/dispatch office? San Ysidro is right across the border and there are a number of good motels around there.She writes: “In August, more than 46,000 matches were made between users on opposite sides of the border, nearly half from California.The app is connecting those who almost certainly would never have met organically, young people with a literal barrier—in some places three fences thick—keeping them apart.

Generally Mexico does have budget motels but always check the room first and make sure there is a decent lock on the door. Take your own water over there and be careful what you eat.

This part of the border, called the 'San Diego Sector' by Border Patrol, is the smallest but busiest stretch, as 90,000 people legally cross here every single day.”She continues to say that more than half of all Mexicans aged 18 to 34 have smartphones equipped with meet-up technology.

This coupled with a real-time border wait-time app means a planned visit to Mexico might not be a bad way to meet people with similar interests And if you don’t have a vehicle, no problem, you can take Uber into Mexico, however, she warns you cannot take one back because south of the border service does not yet exist.

Although there are other dating apps geared toward the LGBT community, Tinder seems to be a little more helpful when it comes to accommodating matches for people who want to brave the lines of cars heading into Tijuana just opposite San Diego.

In fact, San Diegians can take easily take the light rail system to San Ysidro; the final stop on the MTS Blue Line and entrance to the busy border crossing.

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