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“Those in need of welfare benefits fall within the poorest families with children”, he said.

“It seems that some 3.7 million children live in poverty and, as must be obvious, the cap cannot but exacerbate this.

The cap was widely condemned for failing to take into account people’s specific circumstances and for targeting some of the poorest people in society, including almost 320,000 children.

They are not workshy but find it, because of the care difficulties, impossible to comply with the work requirement.

And the more Ford modified the Mustang for GT racing, the less of a Mustang it became, until they figured they’d never win a damned thing with it while it was recognisably a Mustang, and officially canned the project. They say that the Le Mans project then became completely unofficial, a skunk-works outfit with fewer than 20 designers and engineers hidden in a design studio in a basement behind a padlocked door, determined not to let it go and coming up with an outline design for the rebirth of the GT instead, probably slipping some clay and wheels through on expenses as ‘new pencils’ or something.

Certainly, it put a few noses out of joint when they eventually showed it to the whole design and management team, but the upshot was that they had designed the new GT.

The policy was introduced by the Coalition government in 2012 and was a pet project of Iain Duncan Smith, the former Work and Pensions Secretary.

Ministers said it was not right that a family not in work should not be allowed to receive more in benefits than a working family.

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