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Introduction: Conversation is not just a means to an end, it is also the end itself.What I mean by that is that conversation in marriage does more than help us communicate and solve problems, it also meets one of our most important emotional needs -- the need to talk to someone.

You may have had compatible interests when you were first married, but have you kept up with each other's changing interests?

Then, you probably developed an interest in those topics so that your conversation would be more enjoyable. Topics that may have interested your spouse when you were younger may have lost their attraction.

Topics that were once completely boring, you may now find fascinating.

You are bound to each other, through marriage, in a partnership that requires you to navigate through life with skill and coordination. Well, most of us don't just offer personal information about our deepest feelings. If you don't investigate with a genuine curiosity, your spouse is unlikely to share those feelings with you. Your spouse must trust you with her personal feelings before she will expose them to you.

Without conversation you will have neither, and your marriage may crash. Your curiosity about your spouse's thoughts and feelings is essential to her revealing them to you. I'll talk about building trust a little later when I get to the Enemies of Good Conversation.

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