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Take a look: I believe everyone is blessed with some form of intelligence-whether it's "traditional" book smarts, or athletic intelligence (the ability to understand angles and physical movement, space), creative smarts, or "street smarts" — in the dating world, a sharp woman knows when a guy is playing her, and/or expects more from a guy.

There are many forms of ambition — a lawyer works hard, but so does a stay-at-home mom (believe me, I've seen how hard my sister works).

) Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use interface, or a more selective screening process, we have something in store for you. Tinder Tinder might be the best known of all the dating apps out there.

So the next time you’re ready to swipe right, make sure to check out this list to find the app that might just lead you to your soul mate. With a straightforward design and a large pool of users, the app makes it easy to break into the dating world.

I used to joke that I wanted to date a weak woman — a woman who couldn't make her mind up and liked being told what to do.

I'd always get my way, see my friends often, and have complete control the TV remote. I guess I've been surrounded by strong women my whole life: my grandmother was a matriarch of the family with only a high school education.

JSwipe For those looking for a more specific type of connection, JSwipe offers a range of options, from “orthodox” to “just Jewish.” While it works pretty much the same way that Tinder does, giving you the ability to swipe left or right, many users say the culture is more relationship-based than other dating apps. Bumble Ladies, brush up on your one-liners before using this app, since Bumble asks women to send the first text.

The app also uses a scrolling feature, which allows you to interact with multiple parts of a profile, rather than swiping left and right, so no more missed connections! The League This one is pretty much as exclusive as it sounds.Drive and hard work are admirable..two things I wish I did better.Passion goes along with ambition, but it also adds to personality.After you submit your Linked In profile, the apps takes about a week to approve you as a new member, giving you access to 1-6 carefully curated and verified matches a day (height included!) Be careful though, if you aren’t active, the app will kick you out. Raya Sometimes known as the “celebrity Tinder,” Raya bills itself as an app for creative types, from DJs to restaurateurs to NBA players.She does whatever she wants to do whenever she wants to do it, and it's her decision and no one else's. It seems like every day we’re hearing about a new dating app.The women in our family literally shepherd the men.Since our "matriarchal" conversation, I composed a list of what makes a strong woman.Much like Bumble, this one puts the ball in your court. Happn You know that moment in romantic comedies when two strangers see each other on the street and fall in love?Happn takes that idea to the 21 century, allowing you to match with people you’ve passed in real life. OKCupid The idea that opposites attract may be true, but on OKCupid’s dating app, you’ll know just how compatible you and a potential match would be based on the percentage of personality traits you share.

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