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The gold is richly textured in a pinstripe pattern, evocative of a refined family home. View full product details This vintage pendant is set with sweet, creamy pearls framed in yellow gold, crafted with precision and detail.

Feminine and dreamy, this piece will look lovely worn as a bridal...

View full product details This ring is truly stunning. This antique, Victorian era necklace is in excellent condition, just beautiful!

The rare, color-changing blue garnet, with its shifting hues of purple, blue and green is simply mesmerizing. The chain is yellow gold, a woven decorative link with bead details. View full product details This ring, originally meant to be worn as a dinner or right-hand ring, would make a beautiful engagement piece.

View full product details Although they were known for their pocket watches and cases, the Elgin company also made other accessories, such as this Art Deco era cigarette case! View full product details This simple, glittering diamond frame has been set with a new, beautifully polished cabochon of Lapis Lazuli.

The depth of the blue and the rich gold flecks are a wonderful...

View full product details This is an outstanding antique bar pin from the Edwardian era, crafted of weighty 900 platinum and edged with exquisite details.

The swirling cutouts are a stunning treat for the...

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View full product details The Catherine setting was chosen for it's lines, and for the strong, Renaissance era feel of the multiple prongs and the compass point placement of the glittering diamonds. View full product details Surrounded by a low, decorative bezel complete with tiny seed pearls, this small ring has a substantial feel!The center is a gorgeous Ceylon Sapphire, with a velvety blue that glimmers when moved in the light. View full product details Absolutely stunning, this particular piece of aquamarine is a beautiful electric blue stone!We've chosen a white gold, Art Deco style mounting to hold this gem, one that protects it...View full product details Peacocks have long since been heralds of aristocracy, the guardian of royal families from India to Europe.This peacock brooch is emblematic of their stature, crafted in such a way...These gorgeous earrings have a distinctly French, antique feel.The tops are decorated with well formed Fleur de Lis decorations, while the borders of the fine amethyst gems are strung...These are a staple for any woman's jewelry wardrobe, a little bit more...These earrings are crafted of 14K yellow gold, set with 6.5 mm round cultured pearls.This slides and buckles smoothly, and the lightly etched... These Victorian era earrings started out as screwbacks, but have since been converted in to comfortable and secure post earrings.View full product details This incredible stone in a simple mounting of polished rose gold, a Mid-Century setting which is perfectly sized to balance this luscious, oversized gem. In immaculate condition, the small tassels hang perfectly...

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