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Shame on all those who talk about human rights etc....Think of the women being raped and killed; Men abducted and killed; Babies without food and water ....

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Srilankan government is committing a 21st century genocide while the world is watching.Since independence, Tamils have been killed and oppresed by all successive Sri Lankan Sinhala governements(GOSL). They negotiated with GOSL and several pacts were signed but latter seen them torn off at the opposition of the Sinhala people.Tamils were denied Jobs, education, evicted from their lands to give them to Sinhalese. It was created by GOSL's mistreatement of the Tamils. Same thing is going to happen to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the international community must take action to save them.Even though US president made a humble request for cessation of hostilities for safe evacuation of civilians, the government is refusing.So only way our would be for UN security council to act on this.Majority of Sinhalese people are brainwashed by their goverment.In this situation how can anybody expect Tamil people can live peacefully with sinhalese people?srilanka government killing innocent people from 1958.singhagovernment army murderer,raped andtake tamil people army officer are now rich.they are killing all teenage boys and girls UNO never take action because Bankimoon buddist..srilanka government used chemical veapons.There is no democracy for Tamil peopls under Sinhalese goverment.When you look at Srilanka's history Tamils people are suffered lot of times.

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