Speed dating sucks

The online personals has become a way for the average woman to seek out an above average man, not as a way to meet someone they like and can have fun with, but someone who meets their ridiculously high standards.

The online personals has, strictly speaking, become a platform for women seeking perfection, a behaviour which is enforced by the sheer number of men who reach out and pander to women online (and offline).

They have completely internalized what the media tells them, directly or indirectly, about the kind of man that is best for the average woman.

The media basically tells them that only an above average man is suitable for the average woman.

For the single man who has no peer group from which to meet women, I can no longer recommend the online personals as even a somewhat viable source of dating success.

There was a time when it used to be better but that is no longer the case.

Connecting with attractive women it seems, is becoming increasingly rare.

Attractive women, even borderline attractive it seems, have set their sights on the very best men available online, and the only gauge for "best" online is looks, so it stands that even barely attractive women are pining only for the very best looking men online.

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I now only recommend it as a type of lottery where you can occasionally get lucky with a woman, and even less occasionally with an attractive woman.

However, it still beats trying to meet women in clubs or daytime venues, but only because those avenues are themselves so incredibly shitty to begin with providing even less chance of meeting someone.

So if you live somewhere else my writings might not always apply to your particular location.

But if you're a man living in or near Toronto, this blog is for you.

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