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Many of our morning passengers return to book an evening flight and our "sleepers in" decide to see what all the hoopla is, about a sunrise.Our passengers recommend us to their friends and give additional rides as gifts to the rest of the family.If you change the name to Virginia Hot Air Balloon Rides or PA, or any other state, you will find an identical web site with only the state name and particulars being different.This is a broker in Georgia called Adventure Sports, and numerous other names, attempting to look local.There are some restrictions as to availability and the times that these flights are offered.Our champagne charter flight with a romantic twist. This ride ensures that it is only you and the pilot aboard.

They further state that "Local balloon ride affiliates are conveniently located near Baltimore, Maryland.We have an "A " rating with the Better Business Bureau.Don't be taken in by unscrupulous brokers or middle men schemes.You are dealing directly with your pilot and flight crew; not with a broker or middle man.You should be certain that you are flying with the same company that you booked your reservation with and that the ride will be provided locally.We saw people disappointed that the flight was over so quickly - but the savings may help us both.The 1/2 hour flight includes everything that our champagne charter offers except the amount of time aloft.Lately, there are those who are checking an item off their "bucket list" as just something they have always wanted to do.In our 30 plus years in business we have seen practically everything.We have never met anyone who, after trying it, didn't enjoy their balloon ride!Our passengers come from all walks of life and all age groups. The reasons people take a hot air balloon ride are as varied as there are people.

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