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Others said they'd seen it parodied on the show South Park."I pretty much checked my preconceived notions of food at the door," said one dater.Daters did not partake of the arcade games or stumble through Black Bart's Cave, the haunted tunnel. Basquez assigned them to partners, then rang a bell to signal it was time to switch seats and make notes on a cheat sheet.So far, Basquez says her company, Catholic Speed Dating, and affiliated blind dating match service Faith Match, have been credited with 30 marriages – and that doesn't count people who used her service and later found someone to marry.

A priest she knew gave the best dating advice, she said. Look for someone who is both emotionally and spiritually mature." Anna's advice for the broken hearts in the group is simple: Sometimes there aren't answers for suffering.The over-the-top Mexican restaurant opened in a mall in 1974 and has been a Denver-area institution for decades on West Colfax Avenue.Several daters said they hadn't been inside Casa Bonita since they were kids.Basquez said she's had several people who "reconciled" with an ex after participating."As my 71-year-old mother would say, 'It's not over til it's over.' And that means until your life is over.When we are intentional and focus, we can get results," she said."Love is a choice, not a feeling." At Casa Bonita, love is a cowboy show, a 30-foot waterfall and a guy in a gorilla suit.Perhaps as an advance glimpse of married life with small children, Casa Bonita was in its full glory Sunday with raging waterfalls, stage shows and a stunt person in a gorilla suit.No flame jugglers were working this particular lunch, but some speed daters appeared to flinch at the fake gunshots punctuating their conversation.Seamus, an IT professional, said he never has any set questions for women because he likes to "see if there's chemistry." Jeff from metro Denver said he preferred meeting people in real life because online profiles leave out so much."You can't tell from a photo and online dating profile whether someone is an optimist or a pessimist, or whether they are animated.

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