South florida adult dating escort service

The thing is, I don’t know what Cathy looks like or, for that matter, whose nuptials we’ll be witness to. I’ve been hired by Cathy through a service called Rent A Gent, which provides men for nonsexual dates, to be her companion for the evening.

The mystery tingles: Will she turn out to be some lost, sultry beauty?

Rent A Gent is not an escort service, and any touching beyond what the role requires is strictly against policy.

Obviously, Rent A Gent can’t control what happens off the clock, but the company has a dedicated “chaperone” who calls both parties after each date to make sure the date has ended.

At a wedding, everyone’s coupled up; it’s great to have someone who’s on your team.”Before my first date, Shikhman assigns me a handler, a suave 37-year-old from Venice, Italy, named Jon Zarantonello, who’s also one of her star Gents.(The money is split fifty-fifty between her company and the Gents themselves.) Weddings, corporate dinners, a trip to the museum—they’re just not as fun on your own, and women seem thrilled for a hookup to the kind of scrumptious arm candy Shikhman provides.Surprisingly, a good number of her clients offer payment with their Of course, some customers have more complex motives.Cathy shares her story: She owns a chain of pet-grooming shops around Santa Barbara.She married young, had two kids, but she and her husband divorced after thirteen years.Are you a handsome, charming man, a good conversationalist, a skilled meeter-of-parents? Do you have free weekend nights and a somewhat urgent need for money? Well, good news, son: There's a whole lot of women out there who are ready to pay you for your time.Davy Rothbart goes undercover in the very new, very strange date-for-hire economy On a friday night this past November, I wander into the lobby of the W Hotel in Hollywood to pick up a woman named Cathy, my date for a wedding that’s starting in less than an hour.The effect is of a middle-aged math teacher squeezed into her old high-school-prom dress. ” She nods, and we move close and share an awkward hug.As we drive to the wedding, I ask Cathy if we might concoct a story for how we met.The preacher welcomes everyone—he’s one of those aggressively friendly Christian cats who quickly whips out a knock-knock joke about Jesus. “I want everybody to turn to that special someone they came with and practice this, too,” he says. “I love you,” I tell her, looking deep into her eyes.She smiles, her eyes catching a bit of light from the chandeliers overhead. Though we’ve known each other for only forty-five minutes, the moment feels unexpectedly intimate. “Cathy,” I say, “I will never leave you.”THE FOUNDER OF Rent A Gent is a bright, alluring 33-year-old New Yorker named Sara Shikhman, who was trawling the Internet a few years ago, looking for a date to a wedding herself.

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