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I hope that there is a love and a strength there that others can see and feel when they are around us.I hope that my children and their children can see it and long to develop it in their own relationships.And, thanks to my wife, the roast and carrots were delicious. He was the most fidgety among us, but we outnumbered him and managed to keep him occupied with many things.After lunch, our three children (who did a fine job engaging our guests I might add) disappeared into their rooms.I am a healer and came up with these theories out of my experience.I help people release painful dynamics called diseases from their bodies.

How my wife and I ended up together in the first place is a whole other story, but at some point, we began to love each other and give our hearts to each other.It was then that we found our soul mate and began being a soul mate.(Incidentally, this happened for me long after we were married.) Secondly…The dialog then drifted into the area of parenting, and, from there, the couple asked a series of questions on a subject that I really hadn’t given much thought. The truth is, I don’t think that anyone (or any website, for that matter) who really knew both of us back then would have put my wife and I on a date.The questioning went like this: What were my wife and I going to do with ourselves once the children were out of the house? Do we plan on doing those things again once its just us? Our interests were different, our hobbies were different, our personalities and backgrounds were different… I think the problem lies within our soul structure. Most of us do not know our soul mate, so in order to fill the void; we eat, buy, medicate, or overwork. Consumer culture breeds and depends on neediness to keep us buying goods.There is no such thing as a person who completes another person.The marriage of an incomplete person, seeking completion in another, has to be the greatest reason for divorce and miserable marriages. Sadly, it took me a long time to believe this in any meaningful way.Doubtless, those non-negotiables are to be weighty things like beliefs, values, goals, family…But while I was dating my soon-to-be wife and focusing on those things, I also should have been focusing on whether I believed that I could bring her greater joy and fulfillment. I can, however, love my wife’s garden because it is hers. She is very inquisitive about all of life, so I can point out aspects of the game that I know would interest her like player backgrounds and skill sets (not statistics, though, she hates that). There are a dozen things like these that I could list, whether it be movies, books, hiking, projects, or events. As a matter of fact, given the thoughts that I shared above, the thing that we are doing together is never the main thing.

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