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The eight accused gang members came to Israel as children, mainly from Russia.Elana Gomel from Tel Aviv University, who has written a book about Russian identity in Israel, says some new immigrants aren't accepted automatically as Jews and feel like outsiders.

The eight men will be charged this week with causing bodily harm, illegally possessing weapons and denying the Holocaust.People are wondering how this could have happened -- even in a country such as Poland that is going through dramatic social and political change.Farfal, however, has powerful friends in high places. "Of course, you can make a scandal out of it today," he said."This person, therefore, has no right whatsoever to hold such an important post in this society as deputy chairman of Polish television." Growi n g rightwi n g se n time n t i n Pola n d Recently, the European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a resolution condemning the growing signs of racism and anti-Semitism in Poland and elsewhere.The accusations were vehemently denied by Poland's new governing coalition of populist and nationalist conservatives, The Law and Justice Party and the League of Polish Families, who are themselves often viewed as xenophobic and ultraconservative.A video presented by police to the Israeli cabinet on Sunday documented some of the violence: It showed skinheads kicking victims to a bloody pulp and giving Nazi salutes.Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called it "violence for the sake of violence," and said, "I am sure that there is not a person in Israel who can remain indifferent to these scenes, which indicate that we, too, as a society have failed in the education of these youths." Police said the cell's leader was Eli Buanitov, a Jewish-descended Russian immigrant who swore in an e-mail never to have children.In Poland, he gets appointed to a top post on state television, said Marcin Kornak, a civil rights activist."Sixty years ago, people with these kinds of views murdered seven million people in our country," he said.Isolated acts of anti-Semitic violence aren't unknown in Israel, but experts put the new phenomenon down to a failure of integration among immigrants who flowed to Israel from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s.Israel's "law of return" offers citizenship to anyone with Jewish roots traceable to a parent or a grandparent.

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