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Most early Asian settlers to the United States went to Hawaii.

Most of these early immigrants moved to the islands as laborers to work on the pineapple, coconut, and sugarcane plantations, these early migrants have tended to stay, although a handful returned to their home countries.

Meanwhile, as 1939 drew to a close, the initial success of Axis aggression in Europe and the increasing submarine sinkings in the Atlantic, resulted in Congress again reviewing naval requirements.

World War II development of the naval shore establishment throughout the Caribbean and Central American area divides itself broadly into two phases; the defense period and the war period.In 1870, Henry Perrine Baldwin his wife, Emily Alexander Baldwin, and their children joined the church. Baldwin and his brother-in-law became wealthy co-founders of Alexander & Baldwin.On January 5, 1878 Green died; Asenath Green would maintain the church until she died in 1894, and then daughters Mary and Laura. Porter green married Hariette Fowler Parker (1837–1912) on June 23, 1864, and their daughter Mary Theodosia Green (1865–1936), married Henry Harrison Wilcox (1868–1899) who was son of missionary Abner Wilcox (1808–1869) .Although the defense period is considered as beginning in July 1940, the construction program, as it evolved in the Caribbean area, dates from the fall of 1939, when the expansion of existing bases was begun, in line with recommendations of the Hepburn report.With the exception of a radio station at San Juan, Puerto Rico, the naval shore establishment in the Caribbean in 1939 was confined to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; the Panama Canal Zone; and a small area on the island of St. Hepburn Board recommendations called for development of Guantanamo into a fleet operating base with airport facilities to accommodate one carrier group and one patrol squadron. Thomas, a small airfield occupied by the Marine Corps was to be expanded to support a Marine squadron of 18 planes on a permanent basis, and the adjacent waterfront was to be developed to serve a patrol-plane squadron in a tender-based status.The United States needed extra bases to consolidate its defense in the Caribbean.Accordingly, the two governments entered into negotiations which culminated in the "Destroyers for Bases" agreement, signed September 2, 1940. The United States received the right, under terms of a 99-year lease, to construct bases in eight British possessions, all in the Caribbean defense area, except one - Newfoundland (Argentia), which became part of the North Atlantic defense area discussed in Chapter 19.For the Canal Zone, where the Navy maintained a naval air station for patrol planes and a submarine base at Coco Solo, the board recommended an increase in the air facilities sufficient to accommodate seven squadrons of patrol planes, with a supporting industrial establishment capable of complete engine overhaul, and the establishment of a naval station at Balboa, on the Pacific end of the Canal, to support submarines, destroyers, and smaller craft.For Puerto Rico, the board recommended the development of Isla Grande in San Juan harbor as a secondary air base, to contain facilities for one carrier group, two patrol-plane squadrons, complete engine overhaul, and berthing for one carrier.In 1833 they moved to Wailuku, Hawaii back on Maui, and built one of the first permanent houses there; in 1836 the Greens founded a girls' boarding school called the Wailuku Female Seminary.he resigned from the Congregational Church in 1842 along with Andrews because he thought it should take a tougher stand against slavery.

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