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The odds is the ratio of the number of heads to the number of (intuitively we want to say the number of tails, which works in this case, but not if there are more than 2 possibilities).

With the odds, it is possible to give both numbers, e.g. This means that in the long run something will happen 4 times for every 5 times it doesn't happen.

In my data, Prob(Ins) - Prob(Unins) = .04, where the exponentiated beta value is .8 (so why is the difference not .2?

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What's important to recognize from all of these equations is that probabilities, odds, and odds ratios do not equate in any straightforward way; just because the probability goes up by .04 very much does imply that the odds or odds ratio should be anything like .04!

So, I'm less clear about what the confusion might be.

What I can say is that the left hand side (LHS) of the (not) equals sign is the odds of being undernourished, whereas the RHS is the probability of being undernourished.

Hungry predators, volatile climates, and scarce food and water are just baseline challenges.

“Naked and Afraid” is produced for Discovery Channel by Renegade 83; David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, Steve Rankin and Mathilde Bittner are executive producers.

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