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Rosa mentions that Gary has been playing hard-to-get, which only makes her like him more!

A paparazzi snaps a photo of them out to dinner and asks where TJ is, then Nattie awkwardly jokes that they're not divorced yet. Nikki and John go out for lunch after he returns from shooting his movie and she is excited to share her feelings with him about how she is ready to let go of her past and insecurities.After the successful movie premiere, John takes Nikki out for dinner to celebrate!During dinner, John mentions the upcoming Judd Apatow movie he is going to be in and then asks Nikki if she would ever be naked on-camera. John then asks Nikki if she would ever do a sex scene and she says no.All of these questions are starting to weird Nikki out; she knows John has a kissing scene in his upcoming film, but is there something she doesn't know?Nattie and Trinity go out for lunch to catch up, where Nattie opens up about her relationship with her husband TJ and how she feels like they're falling apart as a couple. Nattie admits that they saw a sex therapist before but not a marriage counselor. While driving in the car, John suddenly reveals to Nikki that he will be doing a sex scene in his upcoming movie! Nikki is even more annoyed when she finds out that John has known about the sex scene for an entire month!Back at the house, Nattie tells TJ that she's booked another therapy appointment, but he doesn't seem too thrilled.Rosa is on her second date with Gary and feels so comfortable that she starts to open to him about her past.What's even weirder is that they share so much in common, including the fact that they're both from South Carolina. They all agree that they wouldn't be okay with their men doing a sex scene, which only confirms Nikki's feelings on the matter.At the gym, Rosa reveals to Summer Rae that she's going on another date with Gary!She first talks about how she was in rehab and a bad relationship, then she drops this bomb: The date quickly takes a turn for the worse and Gary asks for the check.Looks like this wasn't a match made in heaven after all...

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