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Nattie tries to defend herself by saying it was just a joke, but TJ thinks she's starting to create problems that don't exist.

Then he shocks her by asking if she wants a divorce!

Eva Marie adds that since John hasn't done anything to break Nikki's trust, she should loosen up on him.

Nikki starts to realize what she has been doing and agrees that she needs to let her guard down.

Nattie and TJ make their first visit to see a marriage counselor, whom Nattie is hoping will shed some light on their marital troubles.

As they start talking, Nattie is upset when TJ reveals that he's enjoying being at home instead of on the road with Nattie for the WWE.

But when she goes to investigate, she discovers it's Rosa's personal friend (vibrator)! While driving in the car together, Rosa gets excited when she sees some cute firemen drive by.Nikki's mom, her younger brother JJ and Brie come out to visit her while John is away shooting his film.She's feeling really lonely and needs some family support.When they ask if she plans to go to John's movie premiere, Nikki reveals that she isn't sure Nikki's mom says that she hopes this won't hinder Nikki's relationship with John because they truly make a great couple.But Nikki can't help being upset over the fact that John didn't at least consult her before agreeing to do the sex scene...Rosa mentions that Gary has been playing hard-to-get, which only makes her like him more!She says that she won't give up anything to him until he falls in love with her, and Summer Rae points out that Rosa is one of those people on Brie mentions that Nikki has been cheated on in the past, so she's allowing what happened to her previously to affect her current relationship.What's even weirder is that they share so much in common, including the fact that they're both from South Carolina. They all agree that they wouldn't be okay with their men doing a sex scene, which only confirms Nikki's feelings on the matter.At the gym, Rosa reveals to Summer Rae that she's going on another date with Gary!Nattie returns home from New York a day later than expected and TJ is upset because she didn't tell him.She points out that she just needed an extra day to relax and have some fun after all of the hard work she's been doing, when TJ mentions that he saw a tweet on social media about the divorce comment she made!

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