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To tackle the problem, the Army employs 650 full-time sexual assault response coordinators and victim advocates, plus 2,200 others who work part time. “Every allegation of sexual assault, from an unwanted touch over the clothing to a forcible rape, is investigated. The program was thrown into turmoil in 2014 when its supervisor was placed under investigation for allegedly groping a female lawyer — at a sexual assault prevention conference. Army officials ultimately decided that they lacked evidence to press criminal charges, but Morse was reprimanded for misconduct. The Army has since been rattled by another case involving a special-victim prosecutor.

The Army is grappling with a resurgence of cases in which troops responsible for preventing sexual assault have been accused of rape and related crimes, undercutting the Pentagon’s claims that it is making progress against sexual violence in the ranks.

In the most recent case,an Army prosecutor in charge of sexual assault investigations in the Southwest was charged by the military last month with putting a knife to the throat of a lawyer he had been dating and raping her on two occasions, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

That year, the Air Force’s chief sexual assault prevention officer at the Pentagon was accused of groping a woman outside a bar; he was later acquitted by a civilian jury but reprimanded by the military.

An Army sergeant in charge of helping sexual assault victims at Fort Hood, Tex., was convicted of pandering for pimping female soldiers.

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