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Officially Speaking County Officials in Bosque County, Texas which includes county commissioners, county clerks, county treasurers, judges, jurors, mayors, postmasters, tax assessors and more. 1995-present Tommy Thomas Harrison County Sheriffs List of sheriffs elected in Harrison County, Texas 1840-1998.

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Davidson County Past Sheriffs Features a list of past sheriffs 1782 to 2002.See the complete list of Sheriffs Past and Present with photos. Travis County Past Sheriffs Lists all past sheriffs of Travis County, Texas from 1840 to present along with a history of the agency.Rains County Past Officials Includes sheriffs, constables, judges, justices of the peace and other officials who served Rains County between 1870 & 1958. Tyler County Sheriffs List of past sheriffs of Tyler County, TX 1848-2007.Clay County, TX Early County Officials Features lists of early officials of Clay County which includes Sheriffs who served from 1861 to 1901. Madison County Past Sheriffs Provides a list of past sheriffs of Madison County from 1854 to 1996.Collin County Past Sheriffs 1846 to present Features a list of past sheriffs who served Collin County, Texas and a history of the Sheriff's Facility and Detention Center. Marion County Sheriffs List of former sheriffs 1860-1988 in Marion County, Texas.Coryell County Sheriffs Lists past sheriffs in Coryell County, TX. Menard County Past Sheriffs Features a list of past sheriffs who served in Menard County from 1869 to present time.El Paso, Texas Sheriffs List of past sheriffs in El Paso, TX 1852-2001. Menard County Past Office Holders Includes lists of all past county officials including past county sheriffs, clerks, attorneys, judges, justices and treasurers.Henderson County Officials and Appointees Hosted at Genealogy Trails, this page lists past officials of Henderson County for years 1822-1879. Jefferson county Past Sheriffs 1792 to present Memphis Police Department History History pages detail the early days of the Memphis Police Department and reveals details of past constables, town marshals, police chiefs and other law enforcement officials. Marshals - Western District of Tennessee History Lists all past U. Marshals in the Western District of Tennessee 1801 to present.Obion County Elected Officials of the Past List of elected officials which include: Circuit Court Clerks, County Court Clerks, Registrars and Office of Sheriff in Obion County, Tennessee. Rutherford County Past Sheriffs Features a list of sheriffs of Rutherford County from 1804 to present. Also see a brief history of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department. Marshals - Eastern District of Tennessee History Lists all past U. Marshals in the Eastern District of Tennessee 1801 to current. Washington County Sheriff's Office History Provides a well-written history of the Washington County, TN Sheriff's Office along with a list of all past sheriffs 1778 to present day. while gathering these links, Texas was the only state where I found a woman listed as sheriff.Includes a history of the El Paso Sheriff's Office. Midland County Sheriff's History and Past Sheriffs Features a brief history detailing the office of sheriff along with photos and names of past sheriffs of the Midland County Sheriff's Office.Gainesville county Former Sheriffs Lists the past sheriffs of Gainesville County, TX from 1905-1988. Also see History of the Midlland County Jail and Courthouse.

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