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Players are only likely to get a handful of kills per match.

There is nothing graphic or disturbing about the deaths.

This is an amazing game and parents should allow their mature 10 year olds and up to play it!

I was skeptical to buy my 12 year old son this game because all the violence, but he begged. I still will never let my son play rated M games, but teen rated games are an exception.

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It shows little blood a little bit of violence no drinking or sex no swearing and no consumerism.If you’re looking to random video chat with strangers, you have come to the right place!We have come up with a sweet list of plenty of sites like Omegle and Chatroulette that should satisfy you completely, and save you the time of having to search for all the options on your own.Play Unknowns Battle Grounds or PUBG is a game with yes, violence but it has no language ( unless used by other players) no consumerism, and no mushy stuff.Yes this game has blood but that can be turned off, some players swear, that can be turned off, and it has guns, but so does Overwatch and that game is played by 9 to 24 year olds. And you should NOT base your decision of what Common Sense Media says. This game comes across as bad but compared to other games this is completely reasonable.Game is very basic deathmatch, yet in a huge open world where vehicles items and gear are scattered at random.I like how despite the aesthetic the gamendoesnt attempt realism. Another example of a over-exaggerated review by CSM. When I watched my son play it, half they time he was hiding, finding loot or driving.The Game Fortnite is a really popular game that allows you to jump out of a bus a salvage for supply’s around the map.It is a Cartoon Battle Royale Game that is rated M PUBG for an example is Like Fortnite and the only thing why Common sense media put the game as 18 is because of Voice Chat and Blood splatters.-Jasonpersonally I have played this game before and to be honest the worst thing is the blood All parents do not listen to the commonsense media review It is Unrealistically rated If the blood worries just turn it of SIMPLE The blood is not to scare it is to identify if you have hit someone I think that common sense media is overacting.I have two sons 12 and 9 they both play this game actively.

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