Secular dating

The proliferation of online dating and social networking websites has made it easier than ever for nonreligious Americans to find each other.

Sites like Atheist Passions and Free Thinker Match cater exclusively to nonreligious singles.

And yet, the dating behavior of religiously unaffiliated Americans tells a different story.

In learning through your excellent “Crash Course in Jewish History” (com/jl/h/cc/), I notice that in referencing some historical dates, the Jewish dating system and the Christian dating system vary by as much as 150 years - but by the time we get to the Roman period (i.e. The sources for the dates in Halafta's book come from rabbinic traditions recorded in the Talmud as well as numerous chronologies written in the Hebrew Bible.

The Jewish dating system is taken primarily from a book called "Seder Olam Rabba," dating back to the 2nd century CE and attributed to Rabbi Yosef ben Halafta.

In part, this finding likely has a lot do with who is using online dating sites—people who are single.

Compared to people who are married, singles in the U. today are more likely to be religiously unaffiliated.

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