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The real enemies are your own doubts." ("Guerrilla Dating Tactics") 6) Introduce guide as solution, then subtly kick prostrate reader once more for good measure: "Using our plan, adults can take control of their love search in the same way they have taken control of their careers and put an end to the helpless victim cycle." ("Be Your Own Dating Service") 7) Damn pale, quaking reader with faint praise: "You are not a helpless victim! " ("Recruiting Love") 8) List benefits of plan, relying heavily on martial and corporate metaphors: "As on the battlefield, victory in love requires thoughtful planning, time-tested tactics, and careful execution ...

Sun Tzu's wisdom is the basis for a step-by-step program for taking charge, gaining a commitment, sustaining love, strengthening intimacy, and enlivening passion in a partnership -- not by force, but by inner strategizing." ("Art of War for Lovers") 9) Convince reader that dating starts with charts and provide hours of paperwork in the form of 15 Second Memos, Summary Blueprints, Action Memos, Dating Logs, Relationship History Inventory and Dating Game Plans: "Bar graphs measure advancement in your basic skills ...

Kylie, are now getting ready for their weekly pampering session at their favorite hair salon in town - yours. Would you believe that fairies have their own tiny spas?

Because if you do, This lovely fairy wants you to join her in a cute beauty salon.

Choose the princes you like the most and create for her the best bridal outlook ...

These two beautiful mermaids need a skilled makeup artist!

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Jenny here is also a huge denim fan and she came with a couple of hairst... Our salon is open 24/7 and we will gladly take care of your pet.

The truth is that every complex process involves 'art' or technique, and love is no exception." ("Art of War for Lovers") 4) Warn now-frightened reader of the perils of complacency: "In today's world, being single and trying to find the right relationship is one of the greatest challenges we face.

We can't afford to leave this to luck and chance." ("Be Your Own Dating Service") 5) Suggest reader may be just a tiny bit mentally ill: "Do not for one moment think of the people you want to meet as your enemies.

Today she called up all her Disney friends for a tattoo party.

Help Ariel make some cool tattoos for princesses Jasmine, ...

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