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If we do this then , USCIS will also support us too since we are right and we are asking some relief about green card. US (the whole government, including USCIS) likes the idea of 'Melting pot' when it comes to immigration.When you melt a lot of metals with each other, you don't end up with a fragmented alloy, since you've capped the amount of each metal in your pot.As explained earlier in this forum, 180 day rule interpretation is solely USCIS's descretion, if USCIS adjudicator who is working on your case accepts your new EVL and approves your case you are good to go, but for some reason the adjudicator keeps sending more RFE then you will need someone who can answer them in a legal language and thats where attorney services comes in handy.I am hoping for the best for you that once they see your new EVL, they are satisfied and sends you GC.

If old employer revokes I140 then the result will be unpredictable. Only those who had similar experience can tell clearly about this. Not just sending flowers but using other Gandhi ways as well. Should core post some article on the home page.."Top 10 Myths About Employment Based Immigration" and include tax as one of the myths. Educate numberusa and other anti-immigration people about. The only way to counter this is to fax the senators and reps stating the "real" facts! Please send the same message you have posted in local chapters to all IV members. I think everyone should look into it and try to find some solution. So, according to you, what happens when no action is taken for assigned visa number? I'm sure lot of lawmakers are aware about this issue, I wan to give it a try, guys who think it is an unfair system, please PM me, this is my own initiative so no there is no arguement on whether IV supports this or not... If that is the case then wasted visas won't be available .... I spoke to Congresswoman Zoe Logfren's staff few days, back and they specifically pointed out on the country quota issue.Or a Lawyer can give better idea Thanks for the reply, if old employer revokes I-140 while the other employer is still working on LC I-140, Will this creates any problem for me? Reason, i'm saying this is that in my company there are several americans who think that way even though they are ok with immigration. I know we might not be able to educate the core people over their but we might be able to educate other member joining there. We will get additional hands and minds to make this event successful. ( not those people, but my guess many people who are working for desi companies like me defenitely feel this way. Are you saying that whoever is happy in their job without a GC is in a closet or jail? All IV member sends so many fax to US Senate and called all Senators which was good effort from all of us.-Thanks, Guys, Lets come up with some suggestions to counter-attack these false propoganda. nomi, I am very surprised that there is not as much interest in this thread as I had expected but you are doing great in trying to explore this avenue. Now if we send six thousands fax to USCIS same day...The twins, 33, opened up to Us about Rob and Khloé's tense relationship while attending the Beverly Hills Bar Association Entertainment Lawyer of the Year Dinner in support of their lawyer Darrell Miller. Go to neutral corners, do whatever you gotta do, but you come back together."Season 12 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians details Rob and Khloé's intense falling-out."They seem to be fine to me, from what I know," Malika told Us, while her sister chimed in: "They are brother and sister.""You never know," Malika continued. Khloé took Rob under her wing and allowed him to live in her home for several years, until she kicked him out this past February after learning about his controversial new romance.Don`t you guy think that USCIS will notice our problems and discuss them in their enternal meeting and ask US Senate or Congress to discuss this issue as early as possible. We should bother USCIS too about our issue so they can contact lawmakers and tell them about our pain. Please tell me if we send 6000 fax same day don`t you think we will be in IV will be in headline and if we keeping doing same thing then some one will listen our issues and give us some temp. Please come and Take the lead in this regard and Request USCIS to give us some temp relief because there are lot of people and families suffering coz of this. Well, I do have a vested interest in maintaining status quo, at least with regard to the per country caps.I know IV is doing great job and I am with IV but all I am saying we should put some pressure on USCIS too so they can see we are in pain and they do their job to get us some relief. Please stop predicting Visa number everyone and deal with reality and stand up and speak about ou issue. :) But, working in one of the Valley companies, I see a lot of people from India and China who just don't mix with rest of the people, say, from Poland or Germany or France or Iran. Khloé Kardashian's best friend, Malika Haqq, and her twin sister, Khadijah Haqq, caught up with Us Weekly on Tuesday, May 17, and shared the latest details about Ko Ko and Rob Kardashian, who recently made amends.Their feud dates back to February, when Rob started dating his now-pregnant fiancée, Blac Chyna.

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