Remington the sportsman dating

the 58 was made from 1958 to 1963 and approx 271,000 were made...divide the 271,000 by the amount of years made and you can get an approximate date of mfg.

2001--------200------7600's in 35 REM Carbines -- Synthetic Stocks .1991-------1000-----7600's in 7mm-08 175th Anniversary models. 1998------- 250 -----7600's in 260 REM.-----Satin Walnut Stock -- Enhanced Receiver.1998--------250------7600's in 7mm-08 ------ Satin Walnut Stock -- Enhanced Receiver.Receiver marked with Shield and Eagle, flanked by scroll work and 1776 -- 1976 in .30-06 caliber only.1978--New series of serial numbers started on 1-3-78 for 760's starting at B 7,400,000. The gallery stamp is to the right of these and may be either one or two symbols or letters. 1994/95----700 ------7600's in 270 Winchester--Black Laminated Stocks. The magnaflux stamp is most often a symbol inside of a triangle and usually appears to the left of the proof mark, but also may appear to the right or below it. 1994/95-----75 ------7600's in 243 Winchester --Black Laminated Stock's.2003--------300------7600's in 7mm-08 --- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks.2003--------300------7600's in 270 Winchester -- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks.Serial number block started at 6,900,000 1974-- Rear sight changed to an adjustable ramp configuration .ADL Grade checkering design at wrist area modified slightly 1976--Limited production BI-CENTENNIAL Model introduced.

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