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The Livingston Parish Detention Center plans to hold Hayden on 5,000 bond if he is brought there.

"Sons of Guns" co-star Joseph Meaux told FOX411 that he will be there for Stephanie as her father's rape scandal unfolds.

In addition to his charges in East Baton Rouge—from two different alleged victims—two females came forward to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The younger victim, who is now 15, did not attend the sentencing. I just remember thinking I wanted this to end.'His younger victim testified she was raped repeatedly in 20 when she was 11 and 12.Former “Sons of Guns” star Stephanie Hayden Ford made some horrific accusations against her father Will Hayden on a pre-taped episode of “Dr. Hayden is currently in jail in East Baton Rouge, La., after being charged with forcible rape and aggravated rape of a juvenile. Phil Mc Graw and stated that her father acted inappropriately with her when she was 12 years old.She changed her tune when her sister revealed to her grandfather she had indeed been abused, beginning at age 11.It was not immediately clear if one of the females speaking out in Livingston could be the same as an accuser in East Baton Rouge.The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department was unable to clarify if there was overlap with the alleged victims and the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Department did not return FOX411’s requests seeking further information about the females in their jurisdiction.Either way, Hayden won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon.He’s currently being held on 0,000 bond by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department, but even if he posts bond he’s headed straight back to jail in Livingston.“[The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office] currently has a ‘hold’ placed on Hayden – meaning, once he makes bond in [East Baton Rouge], he’ll be transferred back to the Livingston Parish Detention Center,” Livingston police explained in a press release.It has been widely reported that the charges stem from accusations made by Hayden’s younger daughter. Phil she spoke openly about the sexual abuse of a girl who she referred to as her sister.Ford said her father once came into her bedroom, drunk and forced her shirt off and touched her chest inappropriately. Once that happened I jumped back and he just left and he never touched me again like that,” she said, adding that she was depressed and avoided her father after the incident and carried knives with her.

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