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Analysis of the hair and human bones from the mummies indicates that about 90 percent of their diet existed of maritime food sources, with the remaining 10 percent of their food from terrestrial animals and plants.The Chinchorro type site is located in Arica, Chile: it was discovered by German archaeologist Max Uhle in 1915.

There were other Chimu cities at Farfán and Pacatnamú in the Pacasmayo Valley, and at Purgatorio and Apurlé in the Leche and Motupe valleys.

It reached the height of its power in the fifteenth century, not long before being conquered by the Incas.

The Chimú state originated in the Moche Valley, where its capital Chan Chan lay.

The Chinchorro mummies are mummified remains of individuals from the South American Chinchorro culture, found in what is now northern Chile.

They are the oldest examples of artificially mummified human remains, becoming popular by up to two thousand years before the Egyptian mummies. Often Chinchorro mummies were elaborately prepared by removing the internal organs and replacing them with vegetable fibers or animal hair.

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