Plesk statistics not updating linux

Parallels will not be providing any kind of technical support for machines with preview builds or upgraded from preview builds.

Dovecot is fully integrated into Plesk the way you would expect from IMAP/POP3 server.The most requested feature that is a part of Dovecot support, namely server-side mail filtering, is manageable via webmails.Both Horde and Roundcube now provide convenient means of constructing and managing custom Sieve filters that doesn’t actually require any knowledge of Sieve language whatsoever.This is the best opportunity for you to influence development of the next version, since it’s highly unlikely any significant changes will be made after Plesk 12.0 exits previews stage.While we usually support upgrading from previous preview builds, we won’t be doing so this time (from Plesk 11.6.x, where x option to make the preview versions visible.Of course, you’ll need Dovecot installed to see it. Clicking big green “New Rule” button will allow you to create a custom rule.Instead we’ll click “Vacation” in the panel on the left.It’s also quite admin-friendly with comprehensive error messages.In Plesk 12.0 Dovecot will serve as an alternative for Courier-IMAP which was the only supported IMAP/POP3 server for quite some time.Additionally Manage Sieve server always makes sure that uploaded scripts are valid and compile without errors.We use Manage Sieve to integrate filter management in webmails (both Roundcube and Horde).

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