Pid file quit without updating file

SIPp will stop placing new calls and wait until all current calls go to their end. Current calls will be terminated by sending a BYE or CANCEL message (depending if the calls have been established or not).

Indicates that the twin command is expected to be received from the "m" peer instance. There is no integrated scenarios for the 3pcc extended mode, but you can easily adapt those from 3pcc.

This mechanism is implemented in the scenarios through the In other words, send Cmd and recv Cmd can be seen as synchronization points between two SIPp instances, with the ability to pass parameters between each other.

Another scenario that has been reported to be do-able with the 3PCC feature is the following: An extension of the 3pcc mode is implemented in SIPp.

By default this scenario simply replies with a 200 OK response.

This scenario can be overridden by passing the 3PCC stands for 3rd Party Call Control. While this feature was first developed to allow 3PCC like scenarios, it can also be used for every case where you would need one SIPp to talk to several remotes.

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